The Open Group

We have a relaxed online session. At the moment it’s every Sunday and it’s on Zoom. It begins at 7pm and it ends at 9pm. You can come and go as you please. You can step away and step back. All we ask is that you wait for a lull in the session before we let you back in. At most you’ll be waiting a few minutes.

So what happens? We relax, we chat, we play. The Tuesday Groups are intended to be a gentle introduction for newcomers, a chance for the house teams to meet up and connect, and a chance for the house teams to get to know you should you wish to join them.

Have a look at a session here

If you want to come to a Zoom Session please do; we’ll keep them running post Covid. We ask for a small payment to cover the costs of running Zoom. If you can’t afford it then let us know. We’d rather have you than a few pounds.

You can find the event on our Facebook page

or here: Eventbrite link