L1 – The BigImprov Beginners Course

Six weeks will take you from terrified beginner wondering what the flip you’ve done to yourself, to standing on a stage with your group partners. Or not, we never push people where they don’t want to go, and people do do the courses with no interest in performing, it’s all good.

Courses are just beginning to recover from the chaos of Covid. There will be a beginner’s course before the end of 2021, we’re not 100% sure when, so sign up to the mailing list to be kept up to date.

The six weeks are broken down thus:

Session 1 – Getting to Know You – initial assessment, subject introduction, and group contract.
Session 2 – The Basics
Session 3 – Spontaneity
Session 4 – Making Stuff Happen
Session 5 – Putting it together
Session 6 – Student Show, Conclusions and Next Steps.

Each session runs for two hours. Teaching is by qualified teachers with years of experience. Current 2021 price for the six weeks is £90 if paid in advance. After graduating the L1 you will be entitled to move on to advanced training and to ask your coach about auditioning for the houseteams.