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This is me doing my homework online. Post count and easy access. Anyway.

Blocking is saying no to the scene. Rejecting your partner’s offer, particularly in a way that puts the work of recovering the scene onto them.

People block when they want to stay in control (Johnstone, 1991: 101)


  1. Both block.
    Play with joy. Don’t ignore your partner’s offer – it has to be shot down.
  2. Two universes.
    Two of you enter with different worlds. You stay in your own world, contradicting the other.
  3. First to block loses

Johnstone suggests dividing people into two teams and scoring it. Five points for “losing”.

Remove the Blocks

Tag Exercises

Like the question game but the person who blocks is bumped.

Both Accept (gibberish).

Both Accept (mime)

Sounds Good To Me

two hander exercise. One person can only say one of four things:

  • Yes
  • Sounds Good to Me
  • I’ll Go Along With That
  • Thank You

One Blocks / One Accepts

Accept but make negative offers

It’s Tuesday (over accepting offers)