A really important thing about improv

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(This is written from our own geographical perspective here in sunny Bradford in the UK. It works for you too though.)

If you’re one of nature’s solo performer types then you’re in an excellent part of the world for it. Leeds has a thriving stand up comedy scene, Bradford has a brilliant performance poetry scene. There’s a strong music scene in both cities. If you want the stage light all on you then you have lots of opportunities for that.

Not improv. With improv you are signing up to be in a team. To support each other, to look after each other, and to win together.

The audience (for those of you who want to try out for a house team) wants to see you win. They haven’t come all this way to sit there embarrassed. They want to cheer and applaud. They want that warm and happy buzz of seeing all of you arrive at the finishing line. Together.

Improv is a generous art. Be generous. Be insanely generous. Improv is a kind art. Be kind. Be insanely kind.