Welcome to Bigimprov.

Training and performing across West Yorkshire and beyond.

Want to push yourself? Surprise yourself? Go somewhere you’ve never been before?

Improv is making stuff up. Improv is creating and performing in the moment, in the same moment, often in a team. Some people do it for laughs. You don’t have to; it doesn’t have to be funny. It is fun though. It is enormous fun. And it is very sociable.

Improv works the imagination. Improv takes the problem-solving, solution-finding, consensus-finding bits of your brain for a light jog and a bit of a workout, and most people report feeling energised and more creative after a session; more able to empathise and to come up with ideas.

Bigimprov does shows and it does courses and it does sessions for all sorts of groups and people. Improv beings people together. It breaks down the barriers between and inside people. It is a laugh. It is a brilliant, energising, engaging, liberating, laugh.